The Owners


First Adventure Learning Center is a childcare facility offering specialized care for Infants, as early as 4 weeks, up through our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs.  First Adventure opened in 2010 at our Benson Road Location on the Northwest part of Sioux Falls.  Jessie Holte had been running her own in-home daycare for five years prior to that, before expanding into the center.  With the experience as an in-home provider, the owners are able to take steps to assure a small, family oriented facility.  Our classrooms are divided at the many stages of development, not just their age, so that we can have a focused and nurturing classroom feel.

Both of our centers offer a large indoor gym that is separate from the classrooms to offer a place that the children can play and interact in with balls, toys, and games.  With the weather not always cooperating, they still have a place to enjoy and get out of the classrooms.  We also have a large outdoor playground that each age group take turns using throughout the day.  It is very important to give the children space that they can run around and be kids.

Learning Center was not just something that we put in our name.  Our focus on learning and development starts in our infant rooms with each classroom required to have a weekly newsletter updated to state what areas of fine motor skills, sensory activities, arts and crafts, music, and literacy they are going to be working on.  Our staff loves to incorporate fun ways to get each age group involved in these.  Our Preschool Curriculum is "Handwriting Without Tears," which is used in many of the area Elementary Schools, including Sioux Falls and Harrisburg School Districts.  We felt it would be great to have children already familiar with the basic skills and techniques, that they will need once they begin Kindergarten. 

Our gyms are also used for meals, including breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snacks.  The meals are included in our weekly prices for care.  Each location has its own Full-time Cook!  Each month they create a menu, and are encouraged to have new meals added each month.  We follow the state and federal guidelines for healthy and nutritious meals, while going the extra step to make sure the children like what they eat and are getting enough to be full and satisfied.

The staff at First Adventure Learning Center are required to go through an extensive background check including state and federal criminal history, and the sex offender registry.  Everyone must go through CPR and First Aid courses, and maintain a yearly certificate.  We also have a long orientation and training process to make sure they not only know what to do in the case of emergencies, but know how to keep a classroom organzied, properly sanitize toys and surfaces, fun ways to interact and teach the children, and communicate with parents.

First Adventure Learning Center is owned by Jessie and Ryan Holte.  We have two beautiful daughters of our own; Taylor, who attends Endeavor Elementary; and Hadley, who is in our Pre-Kindergarten class at the center.  If you are considering First Adventure Learning Center for your child, or already bring them to us, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to care for them.  We do not take that lightly.